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[IP] Diabetes comes to Young and Restless!!

> Hi all:  Yes it is one of my guilty pleasures, but I happened to catch an
> episode of Young and Restless today..Looks like one of the main teen
> characters (Raul) is heading towards a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes!  In a
> strange way I am really excited!  I had him diagnosed with it weeks ago LOL!
> Kid was eating lots, drinking a ton of water and is really tired and run down.
> He had a virus of some sort a month or so ago (when I was last watching it.)
> I am excited as it will bring a real awareness to people of symptoms of
> diabetes and will have no choice but to show the kid taking care of himself at
> some point? You can't start that kind of disease storyline and then cure it!
> But here is the prediction from the armchair expert.  They are showing the Dr.
> not running tests on the kid as his insurance will not cover the costs...so I
> think he is headed for DKA and will drop.  This is how the Dr. will get into
> trouble, he will be in the hospital etc... etc...
> SO, even if you are not a Y & R fan, maybe tune in to see how they handle
> this???  I am even wondering if maybe he will become a pumper? Yeah!
> Shelly
> (I have no life remember...LOL)

It's been a few years since I've watched Y&R or B&B, probably wouldn't know most
of the characters now (except for Victor and Nikki of course).  Several years ago
a character on B&B developed diabetes.  It was Jessica, Eric Forrester's niece.
When she went into a coma I knew that it was going to be a DM dx (this was before
my dx).  Once she got out of the hospital, not much more was said about it.  :-(
She was off the show within months.

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