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Re: [IP] Frio Wallets - Questions

On 26 Mar 2001, at 16:38, Andrea Seitz wrote:

> Last year, I attempted to order a couple of Frio Wallets, but had
> some questions which Frio didn't respond to. I thought maybe some
> of you who already own the wallets might be able to answer them. 
> I am looking for the smallest wallet available.  If I put two 10mL
> bottles of insulin in the Individual Wallet do they knock up
> against one another or is there a pocket to separate the two? 

I only bought one and it's not the smallest one on their list.  It's 
about 5"x8".  

I'm not sure how to describe it....  You know those blow-up flotation 
mattresses for swimming pools?  They're like several long tubes of 
air... quilted, I guess is how you'd describe that.  Quilted in one 
direction (with high loft), not in two directions...  Does that make 
sense?  That's how the crystals/gel is in the Wallet.  So when it's 
closed (velcro closing on three sides, those "tubes" tend to keep 
the items separate.   But there aren't any actual sew-in pockets for 
the different items.

> One has to dip the Frio Wallets in water right? 

Yes.  You soak it between 5 and 15 minutes.  Oversoaking makes 
it absorb too much water and then it will be too big to close.  If 
you're using it continuously, then resoaking is much shorter.

>Do they stay wet
> or dry quickly? 

It comes with a mesh bag that you put it into.  It's very slightly 
damp and the mesh bag works sort of like disposable diapers...  
keeps the damp inside and feels dry to the touch.  But I wouldn't 
put any paper items inside it.

>I was wondering if I could store other supplies in
> the wallets such as my Disetronic insulin pump batteries (very
> expensive) and blood glucose strips? Maybe even a meter? 

I could see putting a bottle of strips inside cuz the bottle would 
keep the strips dry.  But I'd be hesitant about batteries or meter. I 
don't know how dampness would affect batteries, but I wouldn't 
want to expose my meter to that much dampness.  Although 
people who live in humid areas are probably doing the same thing.
> Do some of the wallets have strips or clips on the back to hook to
> a belt loop? 

unfortunately, no.  I was thinking about that omission just last 
night. The flyer even says something about clipping it to your belt, 
but I don't see a way of doing that.   There's no loop on it even.  I 
suppose if you were wearing a very narrow belt, you could use the 
fold-over flap (closes with velcro) over your belt.  But even then, the 
Small Wallet (as opposed to the Individual Wallet) is too big for clip-
on situation anyway, IMO.
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