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I just had my first experience with static Electricity wipig out my basals. 
My husband, 2 teens and I went to Penn State College to look at it for my 
daughter, over the weekend.
We left Phila  on Friday Evening and got up there in time for dinner. After 
Dinner, we stopped at a super to get a couple of things. All of a sudden the 
pump alarms went off.
We went back to the hotel and I called. The static from what I was wearing 
caused the incident.
Fortunately I remembered my patterns.
I called MM and they said if you aren't wearing the 508 in the Leather Case 
that came with it, or if it isn't touching your skin, this can happen.

It was annoying, but the same static charge would have wiped my computer.
I hope in future pumps they install some kind of grounding thing, but since 
they don't do that in computers, I have my doubts.

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