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Re: [IP] Is this discrimination?

On 26 Mar 2001, at 18:46, Dauna Breiding wrote:

> I was talking with a coworker today and she was telling me that she and our
> boss had a conversation last week.  My boss assured her that her job was
> "safe" because she would never leave a "pregnant diabetic" in the office all
> day and the other girl is there with me all day.  So basically to us it
> sounded like she was there to watch over me.  A similar comment was also
> passed about a month ago when I heard my boss talking with one of her
> friends saying that she hired someone to work at the office with me because
> she was scared to leave me at the office all day by myself because I might
> "fall out".  Mind you, I have never "fallen out" or anything and now I am
> wondering if this is discrimination or not. What classifys discrimination?
> Am I just being sensitive or is this "talk" completely uncalled for?

That's a really interesting question!  On one hand, there doesn't 
appear to be any damage done to you by hiring another person to 
make sure you're not alone...  On the other hand.....

I do think that your boss talking about it with anyone but human 
resources/personnel is out of line though--it should be "need to 
know".  Because it kinda sends the message that you can't be 

If you'd requested some kind of accommodations for your situation, 
and said it was ok to talk about it, that would be different.

I wonder if it would fall under "hostile work environment" kind of 
thing instead.  Depending on how uncomfortable it made you, of 

Then again, humans make some pretty dumb comments on a very 
regular basis.

Personally, I'd not be terribly happy about it.  Maybe some 
additional reassurances are needed...
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