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Re: [IP] Non-Stress Tests and Preggars updates

Hi Sherry,
 Wow, all this stuff to have a baby can get
overwhelming but believe me, it is all worth it! (yes,
I am even saying this as my 14 yr. old refuses to do
his overdue homework and is trying my patience!!) I
have spent many many hours hooked up to monitors
through 4 successful pregnancies. My first was a
regular delivery but my 2nd was a c-section. It wasn't
too bad. The two after that were v-backs (regular
deliveries). Being high risk was a little scary but I
knew I was in good hands. Just do your best and don't
worry if your numbers get out of whack for a day or
two here and there. As the pregnancy progresses your
hormone levels will change and your insulin
requirements will need to be adjusted. Just do your
best to keep up with it and I am sure that everything
will turn out fine. Feel free to e-mail me privately
if I can be of any help.
 Hang in there and keep dreaming about that sweet
little baby and all the fun you will have with Zilla
after he/she arrives!!
Carolyn Green
--- Sherry Compton <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I did my first non-stress test on Friday. 

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