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[IP] Frio wallet - Pump and Grand Canyon

i do not have any personal experience with the above product. But is 
SOUNDS like other products that I have seen. There are some small beads
that will hold 10x their weight of water. These beads slowly release the
water over a period of 2 days or so. The "cooling" comes from
just like the old time goat skins that you kept wine in, or the
desert water bags of old.

Don't know if the beads in this product are especially made for this,
Here in Colorado where it is very dry - The beads are sold as Lawn and
Garden centers. And sold by the pound! Many people put the beads into
thier  lawns/flowers to even-out the watering - also great for house
plants when going on vacation.

These beads are sold in head-bands to keep you cool - same principal.

Remember - water evaporation cooling works great when it is hot and dry.
But does NOT work in high humidity...

Let me know if anyone uses these products...

Mike - how about a product evaluation/experience page...things that
work/things that don't. Of couse YMMV - but may be another avenue for
more sponsors to this website. - just an idea.

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