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[IP] Checking My Basals

To check basals - according to my CDE - you cannot have ANY FOOD.
Also the test is good only for one meal at a time. By that I mean,
to check your morning basals, you skip breakfast - but if you don't eat
lunch, the lunch reading is less likely to be a valid test of the lunch
time basal. Same with the other meals. So a 24 hour fast - is not the
recommended way to test basal rates.
Also, caffine as in coffie, can through off your basal rates also, the
caffine can hike up your system, produce adredrian etc.

Of course YMMV - just some thoughts to consider.

I'm new on the pump - Feb 2001, but after testing basals, and recording
and talking with my CDE on-line daily for a month or so, I can fast
with BG of 120-150 most days. I keep a very erratric schedule, so it
was/is VERY importand to had a good basal rate.

Remember that your night-time fasting basal - is the main key.
Once you get that set right - the others are easier.
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