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Re: [IP] since i have no doctor....

In a message dated 3/26/01 3:50:21 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< was wondering if my blood is 11 how much should i take to lower it to 3 - 
5?? or if it is 13? or 8? I really need help and cannot go to my doctors for 
a "few" months.>>

People vary widely in how they respond to insulin -- it is certainly affected 
by weight, activity level, stress and hormone level, and goodness knows what 
else.  And if you are not on the pump and taking a long-acting insulin as 
well as your humalog, there can be synergism between the two.  And your goal 
may differ if it is before vs. after a meal, and at different points after.  
(But am I converting wrong, or isn't 3 an awfully low goal? 54 mg/dl?)

You will see John Walsh's book Pumping Insulin referred to a lot on this 
list, and he also wrote Stop the Rollercoaster, which is relevant to any 
diabetic interested in working for better control.  It can be ordered through 
the insulin-pumpers website, and is also in many bookstores and libraries.  
There are Fax and How-Tos on this and other websites, also.  Might as well 
face that doctor as educated as you can get! :-)  

Linda Z
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