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[IP] Diabetes comes to Young and Restless!!

Hi all:  Yes it is one of my guilty pleasures, but I happened to catch an
episode of Young and Restless today..Looks like one of the main teen
characters (Raul) is heading towards a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes!  In a
strange way I am really excited!  I had him diagnosed with it weeks ago LOL!
Kid was eating lots, drinking a ton of water and is really tired and run down.
He had a virus of some sort a month or so ago (when I was last watching it.)
I am excited as it will bring a real awareness to people of symptoms of
diabetes and will have no choice but to show the kid taking care of himself at
some point? You can't start that kind of disease storyline and then cure it!
But here is the prediction from the armchair expert.  They are showing the Dr.
not running tests on the kid as his insurance will not cover the costs...so I
think he is headed for DKA and will drop.  This is how the Dr. will get into
trouble, he will be in the hospital etc... etc...

SO, even if you are not a Y & R fan, maybe tune in to see how they handle
this???  I am even wondering if maybe he will become a pumper? Yeah!

(I have no life remember...LOL)
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