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Re: [IP] I need help deciding on a pump...

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"You know that Dahedi is made by Disetronic.  Not a company I would want to
get involved with at the moment.  You can look up their website and see some
of the challenges they have had.  The other two are Minimed and Animas.
Both excellent.Here's a good test for you."

---------This seems to be an unfair statement. There have been problems with
Static electricity wiping out MM pumps too. All companies, run by human
beings will have challenges, and it isn't fair of you to 'trash' one.

Do you use Disetronic, and have YOU yourself had the one of the five or ten
cases happen to you? If not, than please don't say things like that.

There haven't been any problems with the Dahidi as it is very basic, easy to
use and tiny. It has a smaller cartridge, and the best that the person could
do is to go to all 3 sites and get info packs on all the pumps.

Disetronic has always treated me well for seven years and went to bat for me
against Medi-Cal, one of the worst insurance companies in re; pump therapy.

Right now with what happened with 'cracks in the pump' and much of that
being 'Patient Error" related, I'd think you'd be treated like GOD at
Disetronic as they try to compensate for their reputataion now. They didn't
like the happenings any more than the consumer would.

I will not lower any pump's reputation, as things do happen in big
corporations spanning the continents.

I'd advise Pam to look at all of them and go for the one that suits her

Jenny Sutherland
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