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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of .1 or Use of Diluted Insulin

> (1) Does anyone have experience with basal rates of .1 units per
> hour, and if so, have you had any problems with occlusion, or were
> you ever told you needed to use diluted insulin? 

When Lily first started pumping she ran basals of 0.0u/hr for 4+ 
hours a day and 0.1 for several more hours -- never had a problem.

Modern tubing does not usually clog, even with regular insulins. 
Before the advent of polyfin tubing, clogs were common and specially 
buffered insulin was developed for use in pumps -- Velosulin BR. 
Polyfin tubing has effectively eliminated the need for concern about 
this problem.

 I take about 46
> total units per day with 8 different basal rates.  I was told by the
> nurse at my doctor's office that I needed to use diluted insulin
> because basal rates as low as .1 will cause clogging.  
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