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[IP] Shane's experience with Quick-sets

I know a few other people have shared their experience with the new MM
Quick-sets, so here is Shane's. He tried both the 6mm and 9mm cannulas.
-Insertion: He liked the "jab it straight in" for insertion better than
the tenders/sils which he usually uses. The big surprise was that since
it has been so long since doing a shot rather than the tender
insertions, it took a little while on the first one to prepare himself
and remember how to do it :-)
-Adhesive: He was pleased that the adhesive was much less involved than
for the sofset/micros which he tried in the past - stuck really well, no
extra tape needed. Also, like several other people, he reacted to the
adhesive on the micros' wings - itching, redness. The adhesive on the
quick-sets did not bother him at all. He did get a little irritation
with the first one because it is a slightly higher profile at the site
than with a tender/sil and it got hooked on and rubbed by his seatbelt
(he drives a lot for work). More careful placement on the 2nd one
avoided this.
-Unhooking: He liked that the release is at the site like on the
tenders/sils, as opposed to the QR release on the micros. However, to
release, you have to squeeze and then twist. They seemed a bit difficult
to twist the first time you released each set, but were fine after that.
For the first one it took the two of us taking turns about 10 minutes to
get him unhooked He was nervous that the pressure needed for the
twisting might dislodge the cannula, but it didn't seem to. This is his
biggest complaint about the set.
-Cannula length: He prefers the 9mm to the 6mm. He is fairly slim, but
with the 6mm he experienced the "burning" sensation. From some of our
previous posts last year you can see that, for Shane, this particular
problem is caused by the cannula not being in deep enough. He usually
inserts his tenders/sils at a slightly deeper angle than most people to
avoid this.
Hope this is helpful for anyone considering trying the quick-sets.
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