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Re: [IP] Meters, Meters, Meters - FreeStyle On Fingers

> When the blood is taken from the arm it is a delayed reading
> because the blood isn't as fresh as from the fingers.

What does this mean? It does not really sound rational to me. I'm not a
cardiologist (or a plumber) and therefore may be all wrong about this but if
freshness has to do with distance/time from the heart then I would think
that blood from the arms  is as "fresh" or "fresher" than that from the

On the other hand, at one time I did see some data on BG of capillary blood
compared to glucose in interstitial fluid (like you might get from the arm)
that show that the interstitial fluid did lag the blood by up to 9 minutes.
Perhaps this is what your rep is thinking about?
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