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Re: [IP] D pre-filled H cartridge users

In a message dated 3/25/01 1:22:38 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Shane is considering going to the program where we can get prefilled H
> cartridges for his htron+. We have a couple questions tho, hope someone
> here can answer them:
> - -can we choose either plastic or glass, or is there only one available?
> - -bubbles. how are they as compared to ones you fill yourself? we have
> gotten pretty good at having almost no bubbles at all and would hate to
> have the prefilled ones show up with big bubbles that we have to try to
> prime out.
> thanks for any info,
> Laura

I am using pre-filled cartridges in my d-tron and wouldn't ever want to go 
back.  The d-trons only come in glass, don't know about the ones for the 
h-tron but the glass does have marks for you to see what insulin is left.  
There are no bubbles in the cartridge or tubing.
I've not been using them long, about 3 weeks but there are no bubbles to 
start out with and so far none have ever developed later.
Hope you enjoy them,

Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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