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[IP] Post site change crashes

Hello all,

First of all, for those of you who endured my insanity while working out
Lauren's school situation, thanks! They are moving her classroom down two
floors closer to the nurse, and they are hiring a full time "teacher's
assistant" who will be trained in the pump. Teacher is thrilled because the
aid will be able to do all other class stuff too and the new room is larger
and brighter!

Now, question: Three times in a row now when Lauren has needed a site change
because of a high, she has had a BIG TIME low afterwards -- like about two
hours after the change and going down in the 20's and 30's. Should I NOT do
a correction bolus right away even if she's really high? Her correction
ratio works at all other times. I'm thinking, should I wait an hour for any
insulin that may have just seeped through to work before I correct her? Does
this happen to anyone else?


Mom of Lauren the Pump Princess of Plymouth

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