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Re: [IP] Re: Pump company scare tactics

>Hi there:  When we were looking into both pumps, Minimed and Disetronic, the
>Disetronic Rep made a big deal about how the Minimed pump would NOT work for
>us using such small amounts of insulin per hour.  In fact, I almost went with
>Dis. based on that.  They also played on the waterproof function which meant
>nothing to me anyways.  The rep was not very good at his job.  In fact he did
>not even get back to us for a week after I initially called for info.  I found
>that both companies had Scare tactics against each others pumps, to bring us
>to them.  I finally just sat down and researched both and decided on the
>Minimed.  The child lock appealed...


Don't doubt your purchase decision.  All pumps are great.  the differences
are really small when it comes down to most people's needs.  All pumps have
true advantages over the others but only the Animas appears to ahve it all
so far but it is a new pump and hasn't endured the test of time yet.  A
month ago I would have stated that Destronic is best for me as
waterproofness is a necissity and I like it's superior motor and delivery
system much better than MM's.  However that was a month ago....

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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