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Re: [IP] Non-Stress Tests and Preggars updates

      I know just what you're going through!  I had my daughter almost 10 
years ago but remember is just like it was yesterday!  
       If you aren't using anything for your stretch marks, may I suggest 
vitamin E gel? For me, it worked wonders! (I was very lucky and didn't get 
any marks!) My doctor told me that there really isn't anything you can do to 
prevent them, he said, "If you're going to get them, you're going to get 
them, no matter what" But when I asked him about the gel, he agreed that it 
was a good idea to use because it puts moisture back into your skin and helps 
it heal itself if you have any problems.
       As for the stress test, I remember those well... the nurse would hook 
me up, turn on some very soft, relaxing music and I'd fall asleep. Next thing 
I knew... she was waking me up to unhook me. That wasn't bad I thought... but 
then she told me I had to come back 2 times a week? I told her it was hard 
for me seeing how I lived in a remote area... it took me almost 2 hours to 
drive to the doctor and 2 hours back.... THAT was stressful!! (Well, at least 
I got a nap in between!!!!
       Baby Zilla will be here before you know it and IF you have to have a 
c-section, don't sweat it....
Take care of yourself
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