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[IP] Re; Set change trauma

Hi Nancy:  Read your post on set change trauma...and i have been there!  I
feel a bit guilty about this, but for the first month, whenever we changed his
set (remember this was no EMLA and using Micros) my son would cry and scream
out and I would be crying too.  I DREADED changing it and would be sure to do
it when Dad was not around!  (My husband was a non-believer with the pump and
totally unsupportive at first...) Anyway, back to the guilt, I would promise
my son a treat from the candy store if he would let me do it with no crying!
Before pumping he rarely ate candy etc. as it would throw off his numbers, so
a treat bribe was the best! After a month, the treat bribe was not necessary
and now it is no bug deal.  The only thing we do is to change it in front of a
show he likes to watch and he gets to hold on to a toy!  So they sure are
special and resilient kids that's for sure!

Write anytime!
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