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[IP] Non-Stress Tests and Preggars updates

I'm still adjusting myself to the idea of a c-section, because I really do think it will be necessary.  At 29 weeks the doc did an ultrasound that estimated the baby already weighed over 4 pounds and had a chest measurement of a 36 week baby.  I don't know  how accurate this was, but it sound big to me. I've worked very hard on my
levels since finding out I was pregnant, so I'm not sure if this is because of those first 7 weeks or so before I knew and my levels weren't pefect, or if he would have been big anyway.  My husband was a 10 pounder.
I did my first non-stress test on Friday. They left me alone in a bed with monitors hooked to my belly and the nurse said she'd be back in 20 min.  Well, she didn't come back for an HOUR and 20 min.  I was laying there worried that something was wrong, not sure if I should get up or not.  Then she just came back and said it was a
paperwork problem with the hospital.  GRRRR....  I do another test on Wednesday and next week at 32 weeks they want to do them twice a week.
The stretchmarks are especially fun.  I have a pretty solid band or pink marks from naval to mid-thigh, and I even have slight marks in my armpits!!  Geez.
But I'm excited now.  It's not much longer!   I am having daydreams about the fun stuff like walking the baby down the street in his stroller. I try to picture that when I'm struggling up the stairs to work each morning.  The stairs may be the death or me yet....

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Awaiting babyzilla's arrival
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