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[IP] Sofsets

email @ redacted wrote:
>  Thomas has been pumping
> for one week today  We use the softserter thingy  It seems to work ok But we
> already had one day where the cath.was out and we didn't know it. 

That's one of the reasons I like the Sils better. With the Sofsets, if
it pulls out slightly, not even all the way, it may not slide back in
again, and you don't know if it's out or kinked until your BGs show it. 
And it seems to me that the taping system of the Sofsets just isn't all
that secure, because of the little wings, which aren't very sticky, and
don't hold the cannula firmly.

The Sils are harder to insert, in the sense that the needle is a bit
longer, and you have to do it by hand, but you CAN vary the angle of
insertion, which is a godsend for skinnies, and the angle and taping
system make it harder for the cannula to pull out. Plus you can SEE the
site, and you can see whether it's beginning to get red, or ooze. 

'Course with kids, there are other issues about insertion, and as a
parent, you have to figure out what's good for both you AND the child,
so you may have other considerations!


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