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DO IT! Don't let any fear of insulin frying deter you from having a great
time. Check your blood sugar a little more frequently. I have not been into
the depths of the Canyon, but the rim was a stop on my cross-country trek
last year. My girlfriend and I took the month of March off and saw the USA
in my Chevrolet (actually a Dodge). We went through cold weather, warm
weather, California salt air, some snow, some rain, and long days on the
road with a very erratic eating schedule. The pump was one of the reasons we
were able to enjoy the trip so much.

I have a Frio and find that it works quite well. I also use a cooler with
ice packs, but I do not put the insulin right next to the packs. I would
recommend the usual ploy of carrying twice as many supplies as you'll need
for the trip PLUS at least one extra vial of insulin stored separate from
your usual supply. Check with the parks department to see if they have any
experience with other diabetics and insulin issues. They may have a back up
plan of their own...maybe you can store some insulin somewhere up on the

Call you pump manufacturer and Lily and get answers from the experts in this

Above all else, enjoy enjoy enjoy!


On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 06:27:22 -0800, "Jackie Tautz" <email @ redacted>
>We're planning a family trip to the Grand Canyon in June. We'll be hiking
>down and staying at Phantom Ranch overnight. We did it several years ago
>that was before I had the pump. My main concern is the effect of the heat
>the insulin.

I have lived in Phoenix for 40 years, and have never been down into
the Grand Canyon because of my concern for the effect of the heat on
the insulin. June probably isn't as bad as July or August but you will
almost certainly have a lot of heat to contend with. And it sounds
like you're talking about 36 hours of continuous exposure to the heat.
Maybe there are some others who have used a pump for a similar trip
and can give you better advise, but I wouldn't risk it.
Tom Beatson
dx 1942, age 68, pumping since 1995
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