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Re: [IP] HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?

On 26 Mar 2001, at 2:07, Darrin Parker wrote:

> Hubby and I run a janitorial business.  
> I had the same problem when I ran the old company.  I used to work in
> office by day and clean buses at night.  Cleaning 40 foot motorcoaches is a
> major workout!  If I had it to doagain, I'd cut the basal by 50% at least.
> I feel a real connection to you as a fellow cleaner.  

Bonding through cleaning!!!!!!!  :-D

> I thinkk that was
> most satisfying aspect of my work:  Cleaning up a mess and seeing all the
> stainless and rubber flooring sparkling clean!  Love cleaning!

I like this business a LOT.  

It's far less stressful than being a computer programmer (good for 
BGs)--then again, I make my husband deal with the customers and 
employees and I can say NO and he can't FIRE ME!  :-D

It's far more physically active (good for BGs).  And you know when 
you're really really *done*.

When I was a programmer, I had a very hard time making sure I got 
regular exercise.  In this business, I have no choice...  someone 
always calls in sick, or it's time for a quarterly high-detail, or we get 
a new customer and start-up will be a bear.

I'm glad I'd been planning on quitting my old job and joining hubby 
before the diagnosis.  It was perfect timing to increase my physical 
activity--which I very desperately *needed* after all the muscle-
wasting I had pre-diagnosis.

Go Janitors!  (But take the candies off your desk please!!!  Don't 
tempt me like that all the time!!!!)
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