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Re: [IP] To everyone that helped me with the Dumb Question...


  There is a difference between the micros and the ultimates.  We got 2 boxes 
of the Ultimates with our last order and there was NO problems exchanging 
them, and they paid for the postage!!

  Sleeping:  Josh has a little pouch under his PJ top that he puts his pump 
in at night.  It helps.  Sometimes his tubing will still get a kink in it or 
he is sleeping on top of it so when I check him at 3-3:30AM he may be a 
little high.  I just pull everything out from under him and do a bolus (BOY 
do I LOVE this PUMP stuff!!) and in the morning he is PERFECT!!  I would be 
too nervous to just have the pump loose in bed with Josh!   But a lot of 
people do it.

   There are PJs that you can get online that have special pockets sewn in 
them for the pump or you can just do this yourself.  It's one of those 
individual things really!

mom to Joshua
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