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[IP] Re: HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?

> I do this and did that the other night but the
tabs had little effect.
> After eating 12g worth of tabs each 30 minutes for
three hours I was in no
> state of mind ot be logical anymore.  I also
wanted to ensure my 1.5 hour
> drive home form the Mall would not be interupted.

One other thing that I've noticed, is that when I do
feel the low, that I often still feel affected by it
after my bg's have returned to normal.  With the
last low that I had, I corrected as I normally do
and checked with my Ultra 1/2 hour later.  I was at
149, right where I wanted to be, but still felt
low.  If I hadn't checked I would have over
corrected, for sure.   It's unusual for me to feel
most of my lows at all, maybe my unawareness is
fading, which I doubt.  I had always known that a
lot of lows will help cause unawareness.  Maybe
highs have an opposite effect.  It seems that when I
am in better control my unawareness worsens.  Lately
I've been sick with a cold, and or flu, and have
been running very high.

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