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Re: [IP] Vacation Help

You should get a lot of comments on this posting. I'll address only one of
your questions.

>* How do you  count carbs for social drinking?

My CDE had a lot of advice on the question of drinking at wedding
receptions. Not exactly your question but perhaps fairly close.

Her key advice was - watch out for MAJOR HYPOGLYCEMIA!

The reasons for this concern were:

1. Alcohol has calories but really not many carbs. If anything it counts as
a fat not as a carbohydrate. Lots of people over bolus for alcohol.
2. Alcohol suppresses (nearly stops completely) the livers ability to
convert glycogen to glucose. So if you do go low your body's natural
response mechanism is not functional.
3. A lot of people are grazing during the social drinking and many of them
get behind on bolusing for what they have eaten and then compensate  with a
larger bolus to account for several trips to the food tray. This large bolus
peaks at one time when the digestion is spread out.
4. If there is dancing involved a lot of people exercise a lot more than
they realize

Therefore the recommendation was eat, drink and be merry but be conservative
with the amount of insulin you use. Don't bolus for the alcoholic drinks
(even the sweet tropical fruit based ones). Watch out very carefully for
lows. If you do start low react very aggressively (because your liver is not
going to help you out). Don't be surprised if you totally miss the mark the
first time and go high the night after unusual drinking. If you do go high
don't be too aggressive trying to correct it until after the alcohol is out
of your system (i.e.. her advice was don't even try to correct that night
but wait till the next day.)

This is obviously a YMMV sort of thing but the general advice to be cautious
is probably universally applicable.
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