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Re: [IP] Stopping for a while

Mike Johnson wrote:
> I'm sure some of the folks on this list have for one reason or another just
> stopped using their pumps for a short time. Just wondering how complicated
> that will be.

Depends on the person. I've gone off the pump for short periods of time.
For me it's pretty easy -- just go back to 15u N at night and
carb-counted H for meals during the day.  I'm pretty regular about meals
most of the time. Creature of habit. BUT remember I'm a Type Weird, not
typical of anyone else at all.

I think the most important thing is to consider how you will cover your
basal needs, and how you will negotiate the change when you go back ON
the pump.
Covering meals shouldn't be different, but the basals can mess you up.

Some people I know use Ultralente when off the pump, but the problem is
that it takes so long to kick in, and then hangs around in your system
so long when you go back ON, that you risk hypos.

I don't really think there is any easy answer -- probably the only way
to find out is to experiment. Or just stay on the pump.

Every time I go off, I realize how much benefit the pump is to me, and
why I wanted one in the first place -- it wasn't for better control (I
never had bad control!), it was for quality of life. That reason still

Good luck! 
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