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Re: [IP] To everyone that helped me with the Dumb Question...

On 25 Mar 2001, at 13:00, email @ redacted wrote:

> sent me 6 months worth of supplies, but they sent  me the sof-set ultimate 
> (mmt-315). My CDE thinks that I should use the micro's (mmt-320 or 321). Is 
> there a big difference in the way they feel?

I tried one, but couldn't tell the difference between them.

> tomorrow and see if they will exchange the ultimates for micros... 

They will.

>Question #2,  Has anyone else had weight loss after 
> starting on humalog? 

I gained weight, but I needed to.  But from what I gather, that's not 
a rule.

>Question #3,  Where do you put your pump while 
> sleeping? 

Thanks to Jennifer, I use a Waist-it and a Clip-N-Go.  Actually, the 
Waist-it doesn't have to be the real thing.  Any elastic band that 
closes with velcro that I could attach the Clip-N-Go to would work.  
And when I wear out this Waist-it, I'll probably make the 
replacement instead of buy one. 

I didn't like using *just* the Waist-it by itself.  It doesn't rotate freely 
enough around me to keep the pump from ending up directly 
underneath me.  I roll around a lot and it needs to keep the pump 
at least 6 inches or so away from me so that it doesn't end up 
underneath me.  The lump wakes me up.  I have too much trouble 
getting to sleep as it is.  I don't need to wrestle with a big ol' lump 
underneath me as well! :-)

So, attaching the Clip-N-Go to the Waist-It gives the pump just 
enough slack to be pushed easily out from under me.

Here's where you can see the products:

(for some reason, the manufacturer's page www.uniaccs.com isn't 
working today)
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