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RE: [IP] Cheap Batteries???

Thanks Christene (whom I quote below) I just wanted to add a little more
from what I9ve found

3I found that Wal-Mart sells the Energizer 357 battery for $1.97 per
battery.  And that has been the cheapest I have found so far.2

Be careful at Walmart, the batteries in the electronics department are nice
fresh Energizer 357 batteries for $1.97 per battery. (these last about 6
weeks in my Minimed 507). A couple of times they were out and I went to the
watch department at Walmart which also has 3579s for $2.99 each.  And guess
what, these 3non Energizer2 batteries  not only cost 50% more.  They are
lucky to last a week.

My rule is, if they9re not Energizer9s, they don9t go in my pump (obviously
except in case of emergency)


Andy Mayshar
email @ redacted
IDDM- 46 years
Pumping 3 years
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