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Re: [IP] HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?

In a message dated 3/24/01 11:38:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< So how you prevent overtreating hypos when too hypo to think?   >>

Darrin, the only way I know is to not eat anything but really quick acting 
sugar, at least at first.  Try to do it routinely when you are aware, and it 
may become automatic when you are really out of it. Glucose tabs have more 
than one great advantage at this:  not only do they act really quickly, but 
they don't tempt most people to eat too many!  But I have noticed it is 
possible for me to even delay the action of glucose if I eat something fatty 
with it, so if I am thinking clearly enough to have a really strong 
preference for something more appetizing but less quick-acting, I know I have 
to not expect to be functioning properly for a while.  I find the best thing 
to do if I have the munchies is to take the glucose tabs first, wait at least 
10 minutes, then eat what I want, counting the carbs but not bolusing for 
them till I am sure I am out of real hypo range. YMMV  The waiting the 10 
minutes with just glucose in my system speeds up the process of getting out 
of the hypo for me.

Part of your later high (and initial low, too, maybe) might have been from 
high fat content in the meal you ate.

Linda Z
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