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[IP] Re: HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?

The great thing about the pump, for me, is that I
can avoid the roller coaster and rebounds much
better than pre pump.  Before the DCCT, I was always
told that you must over treat, to avoid dangerous
lows.  Now, with bg testers and pumps that is no
longer true and it's easier to be more precise.

First, it is much better to use glucose tabs, rather
than pigging out.  They will act quicker and be more
precise and there are many dm'ers that use lows as
an excuse (me too).  Automatically, I will take 2
glucose tabs.  These are 4 grams each and will
normally bring my bg up 50 points.  My ratio is .5
unit/4grams/25 bg, so that if my bg were 50 and I
took 2 I should be 100.  I will then determine if
the low is close after my last bolus, or towards the
end.  If it's close, or extra exercise, I will
expect the H to continue working and will try to
bring my bg up further by then having a snack and
adjusting my bolus to bring my expected bg over
150.  If it's close to a meal, I may just
temporarily lower my basal.  At 50 with 2 gt's and
shortly after a bolus with a 24 gram snack I would
probably take enough bolus to cover 12 grams.  That
should bring me up to the upper 100's.  The
important thing is to check the bg's regularly to
hold off the rebound.  When the rebound effect kicks
in it will make it climb even higher.  It's a fine
balancing act, becoming more difficult as I am
becoming hypo unaware.

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