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[IP] To everyone that helped me with the Dumb Question...

I use the sof-set micro's so far... Thanks for answering my question about 
how to remove the infusion sets. Here is a couple more questions... Minimed 
sent me 6 months worth of supplies, but they sent  me the sof-set ultimate 
(mmt-315). My CDE thinks that I should use the micro's (mmt-320 or 321). Is 
there a big difference in the way they feel? I am currently using the sof-set 
micro. I am 5foot 2 inches, and about 118 lbs. I guess I will call minimed 
tomorrow and see if they will exchange the ultimates for micros... I am just 
a little nervous about trying the ultimates now. I didn't feel any pain when 
I put in the micro.  Question #2,  Has anyone else had weight loss after 
starting on humalog? I am losing between 2 and 3 pounds a month since 
December, when I switched from regular to humalog. I don't know if it's the 
humalog, or because I have gained better control of my blood sugar, more 
energy, more activity.  Question #3,  Where do you put your pump while 
sleeping? I have been putting it on the bed beside me, but I keep waking up 
in the night, all tangled up, the tubing will be wrapped completely around 
me, or the pump will be on the floor. Ok, I think that's all of the questions 
I have for now.  I am still only pumping saline until Wednesday. Thanks so 
Stephanie Olivieri
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