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Re: [IP] Re: Need your assistance Please!

>2:00am 11.2
>8:15am 11.4
>9:15am 11.4
>10:00  11.7   Ate 49cho  bolus 5 units  1 unit for 10 cho
>12:17  13.9
>13:20  11.9   Now does this mean our lunch bolus was good because he ate
>              then 3.5hrs later he was back to what he started at?I did
>              not give extra for the high as I was trying to see if the
>              bolus was right.
>13:58 7.3     Big drop
>14:49 4.4
>15:13 4.2     So this is where I was not sure where to change basals to
>              stop the low so this is what I did.
>             9:00 am basal was 1.5   changed it to .9
>            10:00 am basal was 1.5   changed it to .9
>            11:00 am           1.5       "    "  " .8
>So tell me if I am wrong but I would say the night basals are set good we
>just need to start off going to bed with numbers in target range and then he
>should wake up with a target range number???
>Any suggestions would be great and of course I will be doing the basal
>testing again and again. Thank you

Based on this small sample, the overnight to early afternoon basals appear
ot be OK and yes it appears you bolused correctly for the 10:00 am lunch.
Good work so far!

To stop the decline in bg's for the afternoon (or any other time) the basal
must be lowered staring one or two hours prior to the observed decline in
bg's.  If this were me, I'd do a fasting basal from 10:00am to 15:00
*prior* to making any adjustments.  If this trend is repeated as above, I'd
drop the basals starting at 11:00 thru to 14:00 (3 hours) and retest.  I'd
also change basals in increiments of no more than .2!!!

This is based on what i would do for myself under the above circumstances
and your son sounds as if he has simialr inuslin requirements as me.  I am
assuming you are using H?

I caution again i would get at least one fasting sample (form several days)
for the complete time: 2:00am to 4:00pm *prior* to any basal adjustments!

Best of luck to you!  Let is know the next set of results!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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