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Re: [IP] HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?

>Darrin..DAARLLING...we ALL over do it at times. Actually I have a tendencu to
>almost always over do Josh's lows so he ends up hig but the beauty of the
>pump is that he never STAYS high for any length of time.  Pretty soon he is
>right where he should be.  So, just ask yourself...what is MY problem?  I'm
>not the one with the hypo brain?!!!  Or AM I??
>mom to Joshua

Thanks, Sylvia.  You're right; correcting with the pump is easy at least.
Actually when i corrected last night. I checked the progress of the
correction 1.5 hours into it and wow!  The bg was right where it was
susposed to be at that point in time!  Amazing!

Last night I wasn;t aware caregivers overtreated.  Thanks for straightening
me out.  I don't think your mind is hypo but when dealing with your son's
hypos it probably is in a state of fear!

Thanks again.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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