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[IP] Re: BG levels and driving while pregnant

Since MM advises against driving with a BG under 100, what is your doc's
advice about that? Aren't these numbers risky?

Yes the goal while pregnant is to keep blood sugars under 120-140 depending 
on the endo.. and generally you want to be 60-90... What you are actually 
trying to do is to be NORMAL.. in other words NOT DIABETIC.. they drive at 
these levels all the time and if you are KEEPING your sugars in that range 
you really dont feel like they are low.. they become a normal range for you.  
I was always checking my sugars before driving to be sure I was not LOWER 
then 60 but I had no problems driving.. and I was able to recognise the lows.

Yes you will tend to have alot more LOWS then HIGHS when Pregnant.. that is 
just part of having the tight control.. After the first trimester its not AS 
vital to stay close to 60.. I tended to aim more for the 80-90 range.

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