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[IP] Re: Need your assistance Please!

Ok list I told you I would be needing your help so here it goes.I did some 
basal testing and I know you are suppose to start testing when your numbers 
are in a good range but I had to start somewhere if I wait for numbers in 
the normal range I would never get basal testing done.
So my first question is it ok to test with a little higher numbers because 
you can still see patterns you just have higher numbers?
This is how it went
2:00am 11.2
8:15am 11.4
9:15am 11.4
10:00  11.7   Ate 49cho  bolus 5 units  1 unit for 10 cho
12:17  13.9
13:20  11.9   Now does this mean our lunch bolus was good because he ate
              then 3.5hrs later he was back to what he started at?I did
              not give extra for the high as I was trying to see if the
              bolus was right.
13:58 7.3     Big drop
14:49 4.4
15:13 4.2     So this is where I was not sure where to change basals to
              stop the low so this is what I did.
             9:00 am basal was 1.5   changed it to .9
            10:00 am basal was 1.5   changed it to .9
            11:00 am           1.5       "    "  " .8

So tell me if I am wrong but I would say the night basals are set good we 
just need to start off going to bed with numbers in target range and then he 
should wake up with a target range number???
Any suggestions would be great and of course I will be doing the basal 
testing again and again. Thank you

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