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[IP] Re: Over-treating a hypo

Hi Darrin:

It is hard not to overtreat a hypo sometimes and I bet we all have done it
more than once!  I have found that my son does not need as much carbs to treat
a low (due to the pump and absense of the horrible N and it's peak!), but if
it is a low from a miscalculation from a carb (as yours was) and there is
still an hour or so of the low coming, he needs about double what we normally
use.  You can always correct the high later if you are not sure it will stop.

The other bonus of pumping though is that if my son is low, say 3's, I will
give him what he wants, say a juice box and a cookie...40g, I subtract the 15g
we NEED for the low and I will bolus him for the rest.  Works like a charm.

Now, if I had been you and this was at the mall, I would have gone and got
myself either an Orange Julius! or a big ice cream cone (sprinkles too!) or an
A&W Root Beer Float!!  Yumm!!!

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