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[IP] Re: Dumb Question (NOT!)

Hi there:  Not a dumb question...I can say that as I too had to phone the Rep
to answer it for me back when we started! LOL! I just wan't sure if you rip it
off as it had a tube stuck in you??

Well, we use the Silhouettes and to remove them, I pull up all the sides first
and then extract the cannula pulling out in the direction it was put in.  I
have found that if for some reason I pull too hard and the cannula is in a
different direction we get a bleed, and my son will yelp.  So, slow and steady
for us.

When we use the Micros, we just lifted the flap sides and pulled straight out
(as this is how it is put in...)

If the adhesive is painful for you as you pull, use either a Unisolve type
product to help it along, or even a cottonball soaked in baby oil will help.

Good luck, it gets so much easier everytime!

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