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Re: [IP] Pre-pg BGs

On 24 Mar 2001, at 23:03, J Hughey wrote:

> Since MM advises against driving with a BG under 100, what is your doc's
> advice about that? Aren't these numbers risky?

I was told by both my endo and my ob/gyn that they want me to be 
between 60 and 80 pre-meal and never ever ever over 120.  
Throughout the whole pregnancy.  yikes.  I'm not preggers yet 
(trying), but I think that's going to be a very challenging goal.  I 
asked about hypos....  They both actually told me that they'd rather 
I have more hypos than hypers.  That the baby could handle hypos 
better.  Lordy.  I guess I won't be driving while I'm preggers.
In fact, last time I saw my endo, she chastised me.  I color code 
my charts (blue < 60, yellow > 60, green > 120, red > 180) and she 
said, "You never have this many greens and reds!!  What's going 
on here??"  (um.....  CHRISTMAS, doc....  what else??  :-D)

Since then though, I had an A1c under 6.0 (I still don't know the 
precise number...... the nurse on the phone said it was 5-
something), so she's happy again.

But really, they both want me between 60 and 120 ALL the time.  
Every day, 24x7x?...  how many days is gestation, anyway?)
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