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Re: [IP] Re: I want to vent


I leave in the below citation of the UK medical system because you descibe
exactly what the medical system is here in NS!  I've experienced all this
first hand as a kid patient and adult patient and newspaper reader.  here
GPs are ordered by govt to not devote major medical expenses to older
people or people who are too sick to pay taxes or people like diabetics who
are not expected to have a full 40 year taxpaying lifepan.  yes it's true!

I understand that healthcare has been improved for kids at our Children's
hospital here since I was last a patient there 20 years ago - so that part
may be closer to the Ontario system.  However I can assure you that care in
general in NS is at or below UK standards!  In Canada there is no
standardization for healthcare as you know -it;s all locally adminsitered
which is a big mistake, IMHO.

There are some very good aspects of healthcare here, such as "free"
consultations but just ;last spring I had to pay for surgery if I wanted it
done at all and this was for a broken bone!  But:  I am afraid of where
it's heading in general.  I know the rules for the hospitals are to treat
the already healthy fiorst and if there is someone like a diabetic who has
an expectdly reduced tax-paying lifespan expectantcy in ICU; the diabetic
is the bumped out to the terminal ward so someone healthier can use the ICU
bed.  I've sen this first hand.

I do understand that Alberat, Ontario & NFLD are the best place in Canada
to need healthcare.  They also have lower taxes than NS BTW!

All the best in your battle and good wishes to you.

>    But, we lived in the UK for two years and it was scary.  All sorts of
>stories in the quality newspapers about the medical system...letting older
>folks starve to death instead of treating them with dignity, a doctor that
>murdered 100s of patients and got away with it for decades because the system
>wouldn't listen to nurses and there was a wall of silence built up. letting
>cancer patients have a very long wait before their first appointment with an
>oncologist--that way they might die first and cost the system less....
>    On a more personal level, the diabetes care my daughter received was
>almost non-existent, even though we went to a big children's hospital that
>had a whole team for you to visit--doctor, nurse, psychologist, podiatrist,
>dentist (all kids teeth are so bad there, that dentists are included in all
>clinics) and dietician.  You know what?  In 2 years no one ever asked to look
>at her bg log book!!  I kept saying I wasn't happy with her control (bgs in
>the 20s a lot -- 400s on the US scale), but they just said they were happy
>with her A1c so carry on.  Well, her A1C upon our return to Canada was 11 and
>they weren't happy with it here.  In the Uk they didn't like the fact that
>she took 3 needles a day, and kept telling me not to check her bg at lunch
>time at school.  No blood tests other than the HA1c were ever done on her.
>    With my other 2 kids, when they were sick and you saw the doctor they
>immediately said there was nothing wrong and to go home.  You had to actually
>go back a second or third time before they would listen to you.  When my 7
>year old had a terribly painful ear, the doctor looked in it, said there was
>nothing wrong and for him to use ear drops.  I returned a second time, same
>story.  Well 3 weeks later when on holiday in Spain, I had to find a doctor
>in a small tourist town who pulled a pencil eraser out of my little guy's ear
>canal.  He had been in agony the entire time and finally 'fessed up to me
>about sticking it in there.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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