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[IP] Re: I want to vent

Yes Darrin,
    I'm in Ontario and I know that sometimes things just don't work the way 
you want them to.
    But, we lived in the UK for two years and it was scary.  All sorts of 
stories in the quality newspapers about the medical system...letting older 
folks starve to death instead of treating them with dignity, a doctor that 
murdered 100s of patients and got away with it for decades because the system 
wouldn't listen to nurses and there was a wall of silence built up. letting 
cancer patients have a very long wait before their first appointment with an 
oncologist--that way they might die first and cost the system less....
    On a more personal level, the diabetes care my daughter received was 
almost non-existent, even though we went to a big children's hospital that 
had a whole team for you to visit--doctor, nurse, psychologist, podiatrist, 
dentist (all kids teeth are so bad there, that dentists are included in all 
clinics) and dietician.  You know what?  In 2 years no one ever asked to look 
at her bg log book!!  I kept saying I wasn't happy with her control (bgs in 
the 20s a lot -- 400s on the US scale), but they just said they were happy 
with her A1c so carry on.  Well, her A1C upon our return to Canada was 11 and 
they weren't happy with it here.  In the Uk they didn't like the fact that 
she took 3 needles a day, and kept telling me not to check her bg at lunch 
time at school.  No blood tests other than the HA1c were ever done on her.    
    With my other 2 kids, when they were sick and you saw the doctor they 
immediately said there was nothing wrong and to go home.  You had to actually 
go back a second or third time before they would listen to you.  When my 7 
year old had a terribly painful ear, the doctor looked in it, said there was 
nothing wrong and for him to use ear drops.  I returned a second time, same 
story.  Well 3 weeks later when on holiday in Spain, I had to find a doctor 
in a small tourist town who pulled a pencil eraser out of my little guy's ear 
canal.  He had been in agony the entire time and finally 'fessed up to me 
about sticking it in there. 
    Returning to Canada was a bit of a shocker, however, as even though my 
hubbie was working and paying taxes immediately and we also were paying big 
property taxes on our house, we were told we had no health care coverage for 
3 months.  However, if we had been a refugee family we would have been 
eligible for healthcare immediately, as are prisoners released from prison 
who are able to go anywhere in Canada and get health coverage.  Thank god 
Claire didn't have any major problems with diabetes in that 3 months.  Only 
her ear drum rupturing and the ENT refusing to see her.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, whose pump is arriving on Tuesday!! 
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