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Re: [IP] I need support (and a pump!!)

>I see my endo on Monday... I don't know where to go from here with the pump.
>Maybe buying second hand? Anyone looking to sell an old pump?!  Is it
>possible I could convince my insurance to cover monthly supplies?
>I have had one of those days... crazy sugars leading to migraine... crying
>jags from sheer frustration... having to cancel plans with friends.  I feel
>maybe the pump could give me some new motivationa nd hope and it feels so
>unfair that I can't get it. I'm only 26 and I feel like I've aged 20 years
>in the last 2!
>Thanks for "listening"
>Toronto, ON


I understand your frustration.  I felt that way for several decades before
buying used pumps and starting up myself.  As my prior post tonight
demonstrates a pump only improves control and does eliminate the
frustration of hypos and hypers.

As I emailed you privately a few weeks ago ther are many used pumps around
for little or more.  There have been a few on this list recently as well.
Also I think I mentioned my experience with group insurance firms and IMHO,
Micheele you need to get a pump copany rep on your case.  they are experts
in dealing with insurance companies.  I know fomr my experience as a group
admin for halth care insurance that supplies are covered but not equipment
unless you get real bitchy and that's what a pump rep is for.  Get your
endo's opinion and proceed form there.

I presume you have been in contact wiht the pump companies about this
issue.  What do they say?

All the best, Michelle.  From a fellow Canadian pumper who couldn't get a
pump but did anmyway.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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Five days pumping gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of
To date:   55% improvement in average bg's & 70% fewer hypos.
Pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2. * First post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 *  (N = 4.3 - 5.8).
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