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[IP] HOw do you prevent over-treating a hypo?


here's my story:

Light exercise shopping for four hours (a rare thing for me); have no idea
what I ate for carbs as I now know the food courts all vary in how they
prepare Terriaki.  Arggh.  So I overbolused and was hypo an hour after
eating and so I ate 12g CHo and then 30 minutes later another 12g and so on
for three hours.  finally i was tired of being hypo for three hours and ate
all i could find.  Felt much better after laying down in the car for 30
minutes and am now pover 300!  Arghh!  Anything fo ra sane mind while hypo!
I didn't do the math because the unused insulin calculation is just too
difficult when hypo.

So how you prevbent overtreating hypos when too hypo to htink?   I hate
this crap!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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