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[IP] I need support (and a pump!!)

Hi everyone. I have had a really rough couple of weeks with my sugars and 
just need some encouragement from those who understand... my two yr 
anniversary of my diagnosis is next week and I feel like its never been 
harder to cope than right now. I thought it would get easier!!

I think part of it is that my "honeymoon" is ending... insulin needs are 
increasing and my sugar spikes up much easier. To make matters worse, I 
decided in October to get the pump and still don't have it. I got a job with 
a supposed great medical plan. Its a flex plan and I chose the top option. 
However, the rep from my company is telling me I can't get the pump covered. 
I tired to point out that this doesn't make sense. The plan specifies 
coverage for so many expensive things: protheses, wheelchairs, and other 
devices. It covers "insulin and diabetic supplies" but apparently that 
doesn't include a pump. Tried to explain its importance, the fact I'll be a 
better, healthier employee... it went to the VP of HR and he said no. Its so 
discouraging for me.

I see my endo on Monday... I don't know where to go from here with the pump. 
Maybe buying second hand? Anyone looking to sell an old pump?!  Is it 
possible I could convince my insurance to cover monthly supplies?

I have had one of those days... crazy sugars leading to migraine... crying 
jags from sheer frustration... having to cancel plans with friends.  I feel 
maybe the pump could give me some new motivationa nd hope and it feels so 
unfair that I can't get it. I'm only 26 and I feel like I've aged 20 years 
in the last 2!

Thanks for "listening"
Toronto, ON
dx April 3/99
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