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RE: [IP] yet another Resevoir Question

>>Will someone please tell me why MM suggests you pitch your
after three days?  I am the person who is posting here
concerning high
BG on days when I start a "New" reservoir. <<

It is not MM alone who will recommend this.  A basic, known
event will begin to occur when a site is under the skin for
more than 3 days. It's called an inflammatory response. Your
white cells and other body elements that fight an injury do
not know the difference between a sterile catheter or
needle, or a splinter. By the third day, this inflammatory
response may cause an occlusion at the tip of the inserted
device.  You might not be getting the delivery of the
insulin you need.  This process may be faster or slower than
3 days, but the recommended limit is 3 days. This is also
the same concept involved in implanted continuous glucose
monitoring currently available. The BG readings begin to be
less accurate by the end of day 3.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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