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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of .1 or Use of Diluted Insulin

About the diluted insulin in pumps...again I was just reading my PUMPING 
INSULIN book this morning and in the 3rd edition on page 44-45 it is talking 
all about diluting the insulin, the types of dilutent, where to get them and 
the simplicity of how to do it.  Check it out.  For more information you can 
write to me offlist and I will tell you all about it!  

    Oh and about what your endo says the way it should be...I have a real 
simple question for you to ask him...How long has HE been pumping?  What REAL 
LIFE expereince or REAL research has HE done on this subject?  My son's endo 
is GREAT at asking US for advice because we were one of his first pumpers (I 
can be pretty pushy when it comes to my son's health!!) and he readily admits 
to not knowing ANYTHING about what it is like to live with this disease, let 
alone how to deal with the daily trials of pumping!!  So he usually refers 
some of his newbies to me and Kerri for advice and support!!  So, even though 
your endo is a MD (Let's hope anyway...) he does NOT have all of the answers. 
 And YOU know more about this disease than he probably ever will.

  Sorry, I get frustrated sometimes that everyone does not have an endo as 
WONDERFUL as ours!

mom to Joshua
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