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Re: [IP] Saline


  I just got my MM 508 Friday and I am as excited as you are about trying out
the pump. The MM rep actually called my wife after hearing from me that I
wanted to try and use the pump NOW and suggested to her that she talk to me
and settle me down.. I called my trainer and explained to her that all I
wanted to do was to insert an infusion set WITHOUT saline or insulin and wear
the pump and infusion in a fashion till I get the appointment on the 30th. She
had no problem with me doing this, I hooked it all up and just dangled the
line by the pump since I did not want to put in a reservoir and risk pumping
air into me.
  I really know what you are going through with waiting to start. I can tell
you that I cried like a baby when that package arrived. I truelly feel blessed
that I was able to get it so quickly. Why not try and do as I have done
instead of pumping the saline now. I assure you, with the infusion set in it
gives me the time to get used to it and also the chance to wear the pump and
infusion set to bed to adjust to it being there. I also have programmed my
unit to what I THINK I will be using for basal rates and I even do the boluses
at each meal after figuring out the carbo count.
  I have recieved a lot of encouragement from Duana on both Friday morn and
evening on this endeaver in the chat forum. You may call me at home if you
want to talk to someone whi IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME FEELINGS AS YOU ARE.
Please EMail me at email @ redacted and I will give you the telephone #.

BTW The infision set went in perfect the 1st time and I'm into the 2nd day of
wearing it. I will change it Monday morning and will put another 1 in then to
adjust to wearing it when I work. So far so good. I feel like I am actually
using the pump with at least some cautions as not to get into trouble. God
knows, I don't need any more of that. <G>


Ken Buchholz

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From: Heidi Vogan
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 12:26 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Saline

Thanks to those of you who responded in regard to my
saline questions/and need for saline.I appriciate it
so much,the folks on this list are so helpful.Well,
wish me luck(primarily that I don't screw something up
in the pump or get some skin infection from improper
techneque) and don't tell my endo/or trainer as I soon
will be pumping saline-
          (pumping for REAL in 9 or 30 days on MM 508)
           and doing a saline run when it gets here
           mail 'cause I can't wait!)
And to those of you who might be offended by my rash
behavior,I apologize.If something goes wrong,you can
tell me I told you so and I'll fully agree,but as long
as my doc and trainer don't find out about it,I won't
mind being razed about it by anyone else.:-)

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