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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of .1 or Use of Diluted Insulin

>(1) Does anyone have experience with basal rates of .1 units per hour, and 
>so, have you had any problems with occlusion, or were you ever told you
>needed to use diluted insulin?  I take about 46 total units per day with 8
>different basal rates.  I was told by the nurse at my doctor's office that 
>needed to use diluted insulin because basal rates as low as .1 will cause
>clogging.  I contacted Disetronic directly, and they didn't seem to think
>that should cause a problem.  (2) Since I'm still relatively new to pumping
>(one month), is it common for both the basal rates and bolus rates to be
>changed at the same time every few days?  (3) I have read Walsh's book
>Pumping Insulin and believe the information could be very useful, however, 
>doctor's office apparently has a different view of how to get basal/bolus
>rates regulated.  I would be interested in knowing how many doctor's 
>actually recommend following the suggested guidelines in Pumping Insulin.

I too have a low basal rate, although not that low and have a few thoughts 
regarding this--
You can finer tune your rate. For example if your rate is .1; when you go to 
.2 you have doubled the amount of insulin your getting (and that's a lot for 
someone as sensitive to insulin as you would seem to be).
One draw back is that when you dilute insulin your self you run into a 
precision problem (we're never as accurate as say a lab would be). I 
understand another problem is that there have yet to be any consistent 
trials examining diluted insulin in pumps (although I myself have not 
researched this).
I hope they bring back varying dilutions of insulin to address this problem.
Good luck and let me know what you decide and if you decide to how it works.

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