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: Re: [IP] Highs that wouldn't go away--MYSTERY SOLVED


When I was pregnant 18 years, and one of the "experimental" pumpers, I was
told almost throughout my entire pregnancy that I would probably have a
c-section.  Thus, I never went through lamaze.  The day before I delivered
my daughter, following an amnio to determine lung maturity, it was decided I
would go "natural".  I remember running around the ob ward asking if they
had anything I could read so I would know what to do!  What a laugh I gave
everyone!  My mom told me, "Look Kath, women have been having babies for
thousands of years without taking a class...you can do this!"

Turns out, though, the amnio invasion into my uterus caused my little one to
turn around (she was vertex when they did the amnio).  They induced my labor
mid-day, and as labor progressed, gave such reports as "Head's a little
soft, but you're 3 weeks early", "Oh, you've got a baldie" when they
inserted the lead to monitor her heart rate.  Little did I know that she'd
turned around and they were poking around her tush!  When I was in
transition and they had called the on-call OB in, rubbing his hands and
looking like Jerry Lewis saying, "So, are you ready to have this
baby"...what a joker he was...he checked me out and, blanching, turned to
the nurse saying, "Call the anesthesiologist, this baby is breach!".  Ooh
boy, what I panic I went into!  They rushed me to the delivery room, knocked
me out and delivered my kid by c-section.  They were so short on time they
did a vertical incision (not the bikini cut).  My last glance at the clock
was 1:36AM...she was delivered at 1:44!  I woke up less than 2 hours later
to learn she was a healthy 5 lb, 13.5 oz, APGARs of 8 and 9, breathing on
her own; my labot was induced at 37 weeks because they were concerned about
toxemia.  My A1c's were over 13 when I went on the pump, 6 days before
conception; they were down to about 5.8 four months into my pregnancy.

They had me up and walking within 4 hours of waking up from anesthesia,
pulling myself up with the trapeze because of all those cut abdominal
muscles, and I was reconnected to my pump within 24 hours (I had removed
just before heading down to L&D), despite the incision.  Had no problem with
it, just kept it to the far right or left of the incision, as I had been
doing in the latter days of my pregnancy (never did use my thighs or
hiney...in fact, I still use my belly exclusively for infusion sites, and
nary a problem after more than 18 years).  My soon-to-be adult child was
without major health problems her entire life and (here's the bragging
part - get ready), as she prepares to head off to college as a music
performance major on bassoon, and her upcoming performance in May at
Carnegie Hall, I find myself stunned and amazed at the magnificence of the
life God has given me.  My health is reasonably good, I have few
complications even with having struggled with this disease for nearly 33
years, I have successfully carried, delivered and raised the child I was
told I should never have.

Be strong and keep the faith - you're doing great!

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping 12/82
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