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[IP] Re: Another reservoir question

Laura writes:

<< I am the person who is posting here concerning high
 BG on days when I start a "New" reservoir.  >>

I'm on the MM508 and using sils for an infusion set.  I too have had problems 
with highs for 4-6 hours after changing sites and sets.  I've tried a couple 
of things that have made these highs rare:
1.  I DO leave my old set in for 2-3 hours even if I haven't recently bolused
2.  If I reuse a reservoir, I clear the old insulin and make sure I rotate 
the barrel to distribute the lubricant.  I reuse a reservoir only once.
3.  When I put the reservoir in the pump, I make sure the "clips" are pressed 
firmly against the syringe top
4  I do the pump prime with the needle elevated with the initial prime and 
the pump prime.  I've had NO air in syringe or tube problems since I started 
this technique. 
5. Sometimes the pump prime needs only 1.5 units and sometimes it needs up to 
6 units to get that drop coming out.  I find if I do step 2 firmly, it takes 
less to clear the tube and needle.
4.  Once attached, I prime the teflon tube with 1unit (the instructions say 
.8 but I've had no problem with the 1)

It is rare now that I have highs when changing.  Good luck.  Jill T
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