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[IP] Pregnancy update-great news!

Hey everyone,
I just got back from my first Ob/Gyn visit yesterday since I found out I was
pregnant.  We actually got an ultrasound picture and we were able to see the
heartbeating.  It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.  He said
size wise I am at 6 weeks 3 days.  I went in there with 1000 questions and
basically it came down to since I saw my endo and him before I conceived and I
was able to get my A1C in the 6's before conception that I have basically
lowered my chances of diabetes related pregnancy problems by a large
percentage.  I was asking him about miscarriages and he said that after seeing
the heartbeat a diabetic mothers chance would normally be narrowed down to
about 25%    but because of the great control I have been aiming to keep and
the conception A1C  that my chances were narrowed down to that of a
non-diabetic-being a 5%.  I thought that was wonderful news since that has
been one of my worries.
Anyway, as of now, all is going great and I am so excited to have this little
ultrasound picture of HIS/her heart beating.  It makes it all worth the
trouble and 10-12 bg checks a day and all the extra worrying.   :)

Mel and pumpy  and a lil heartbeat due 11/13
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